Dramatis personae

Dramatis personae

These are the characters you will find within the Sigma Division Metaverse.

Starbase 10

Augustus Gardoff NPC
Division Commanding Officer
Robert Cartright NPC
Base Commanding Officer

USS Aquarius

Dustin Cummins
Commanding Officer
Nerissa Kade
Chief of the Boat
Chase Stevens
Chief Engineer
Sandy Thomson NPC
Tactical/Security Officer

USS Vashon

Angus Chaplin NPC
Officer in Command
Ebony Bowman NPC
Executive Petty Officer
Steven Bryd NPC
Chief Engineer
Sienna Lin NPC
Chief Boatswain's Mate
Liam Brighton NPC
Boatswain's Mate
Alicia Bird NPC
Boatswain's Mate

USS Gremlin

Curtis Va'mush
Commanding Officer

USS Kenneth

Sabra NPC
Chief Medical Officer
Mangus Lacher NPC
Officer of the Deck

Other Characters